Lord Nelson Fairtrade Towel

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100% cotton

For us as a supplier, it is important to be able to offer products where we have careful control over the development of the products, something that we are constantly working on getting better at.

Now comes our best seller Lord Nelson terry with Fairtrade certification. The series is available in 20 colors and 4 different sizes.

If you choose Fairtrade-labeled products, you create opportunities for change. You help growers and employees, with their own strength, can improve their working and living conditions.
Fairtrade is an independent certification with the stated goal of counteracting poverty and strengthening people's influence and action power with the aim of creating change and development.

30x50 cm (bar width is 3cm)
50x70 cm (bar width is 3,5cm)
70x130 cm (bar width is 4 cm)
90x150 cm (bar width is 5cm)